Alice request by octoberzombieclown-d8piwj7

Age: 15

Gender: female

Day of Birth: April 7

Height: 5'6

Things to Remember: Loves rainbows and wears as many colors she can, even if it means making a shirt like her preformance shirt.

Likes: Rainbows, smiles, and all things colorful

Dislikes: Frowns and  grey

Personality: happy-go-lucky

Short History: She used to be a creepypasta, but was fed up with all the killing. She would always stay in the mansion, not going on a killing spree, or killing at all so Slendy sent her to his brother, Splendy.

Skills and strengths: Can sing really well, can dance good, and always ready to listen.

Weaknesses and fears: Weaknesses are all things rainbows and cute. Fears are becoming what she left, a Creepypasta.

Trivia: Rumor has it that she and Jeff the Hugger met in the astral realm to do... Something.

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