Baby Zalgo

Splendorman he has always had an irrational fear Zalgo. So one day he decided to do something to try to cure that fear. Recently, the demon had been stalking the happy forest, and managed to get an oversight Splendy a small blood sample. Thing that almost cost him his life, but managed to escape.

All he wanted was to know more about the devil and because it is so powerful, so making use of his scientific skills, he began to analyze and experiment with it. However, in a careless, ruffled substances were not certainly correct, causing a terrible explosion in his laboratory.

- God!

He went as fast as I could from that laboratory, coughing caused by smoke. But even more freaked out when he heard a cry, the cry of a baby. But he had created? ... With some trepidation removed some rubble and walked to where the tears came. Her eyes opened wide. Front of him, was a small Zalgo, seemed Zalgo baby. But ... gave him no fear. This was so adorable and fragile, which caused and hug load.

–Ohhh ~ baby-Zalgo ... so cute, don't cry ...

He tried to soothe him with a pacifier out of his magic hat. The baby began to relax.

–Don't worry little one, here you'll raise to serve for the good ~

He smiled and began to sleep little demon. This baby did not give any fear Splendorman though ... Mr. Zalgo even scared him a lot. So fear was more or less healed.
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