Carnival and Spring are Splendorman's proxies. He found them hungry, cold, abused and wet. They had no place to go or stay, since they where only 10 and 6. The most heartwarming thing about these two boys is that they put others in front of themselves. They would give every cent they own to somebody who needed it more. Splender was so moved by there kindness and the boys' story that he took them and cared for them. 

Spring is described as a young boy in a baby blue hoodie, orange jeans and white sneakers. He has a mask that is white that has a smiling face painted on it, that has white daisys all over it. He is also dubbed as The Hooded Man's Happypasta forum. 

Carnivial is descibed as a young boy in a bright yellow jacket that is similar to The Masked Man's in Man's Marble Hornets, bright blue jeans and bright green sneakers. He has brown hair, and a mask almost identical to Spring's, but it has no flowers and the face is painted in a bright yellow. He is dubbed as The Masked Man's Happypasta forum.

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