So, Pinkie was acting all weird on Nightmare Night, and no pony could find Rainbow Dash.

Everypony got worried, and Twilight Sparkle burst into Sugar Cube Corner and went behind the counter and into the kitchen, and saw Rainbow Dash helping Pinkie make some cupcakes with rainbow coloured batter.

640px-Pinkie Pie balancing cupcake tray on head S1E12

Rainbow Dash stopped putting some of her dropped, and cleaned feathers on the tops of the cupcakes, and said, "Hey Twilight! Is everything ok?"

Twilight said, "Oh nothing, just some pony left a book called Cupcakes lying around in my library... and I read it and."

Pinkie laughed and said, "Oh my goodness, Celestia made that story last year to scare Dashie, but Dashie and I read it together, laughed at how weird it was, and we're throwing a party inspired by it."

Rainbow Dash smiled and said, "I'm even going to put some cranberry juice on my wings and bandage them up to make it look like that."

Pinkie Pie hugged Twilight and said, "The party will be so fun, bring along everypony else, we'll have a Toss the Spider contest, a costume competition, a cookie eating race, Ponaoke! Just wait and see, it will be so fun!"

Rainbow Dash decided to hug Twilight too and said, "Don't worry, we're best friends forever, and no evil can separate us as friends."

Later that night, the party WAS a success, Pinkie's cupcakes were a success, Princess Luna sang her heart out infront of everypony during the Ponaoke contest, Rarity and Twilight tied for the best costume for dressing up like Celestia and Starswirl the Bearded, Discord won the cookie eating contest but got a sore stomach while doing so, and Nightmare Night was a night of no frights, delights, and sweets to bite.

The End

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