So, once in a town, there were two boys, Jeff and Liu. They had just moved into town, and they were being picked on a bit for being new.

Jeff was really into wrestling movies, and so he joinned the school's wrestling team. He might have been scrawny and weak looking, but he was really good at it. 

Every match that someone was pitted against Jeff, Jeff would win, easily.

Jeff kept doing wrestling through junior high to high school, and Liu would coach him, and make sure Jeff would be ready for every match.

Jeff kept following his dream until he was contacted by the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.) and Jeff was over joyed... except... what would make him look cool? I mean, he wasn't ripped, but was amazing, and he wasn't very tanned... so he decided his wrestling look would be the opposite of what wrestlers usually look like.

It was the day of the entrance match, a scrawny young man walked into the room, wearing a white hoodie and black sweat pants, and entered the ring with an aspiring young wrestler. The man in the hoodie weakly said, "I am Jeffery, and I am here to show what I am capable of." 

The other aspiring wrestler, who had a bald head, tanned body and was in red boxing shorts laughed and said to Jeff, "Alright.. show me what you got."

Jeff took off his hood to show his dyed jet black hair and tanless skin, he looked abit like an unshaven Skrillex, he grabbed the wrestler in a hold for 10 seconds and won.

The adjudicators were in shock, they had NEVER seen someone so small defeat someone so fast.

Eventually Jeff became part of the WWE and took on a new name, El Jeffe the Wrestler, because Spanish names are kind of cool, and because it was being true to him.... Jeff.

Liu, on the other hand, became Jeff's manager and he and Jeff became rich...

and that's the end. :)

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