This is the barebones of a Godzilla story I thought of, I won't complete is so you people can think about how the story goes in your own minds.

A business man goes to Japan on a work trip, and the hotel is closer to the industrial area by the ocean, only weeks ago, Godzilla was killed by the Japanese navy, he finds a 10-pin bowling ball sized egg on his way to the hotel and takes it in his suitcase, he brings it back to the hotel room (because his childish whimsy hasn't died) and he puts the egg in a nest of towels and blankets, the egg hatches, and a small Godzilla is born and he starts crying for his parents.

The man gives baby Godzilla some chocolate he has and Godzilla eats it happily, and smiles at him warmly.

Then when the man has to go home, he tells Godzilla that he will be ok, Godzilla is now the size of a standard office chair. Godzilla follows the man back to Portland Oregon. 

The man is surprised to see little Godzilla in his backyard when he gets home but he raises him as a son, even teaching him to write.

At one point, Godzilla catches a 24 hour cold and sneezes causing the man's home office to catch fire, the man puts it out and he makes a safe spot for Godzilla in the garage so he won't make something ignite.

One day, when Godzilla is about 6 feet tall, 3 months after he hatched, he sees a Godzilla movie on TV.

Godzilla is shocked and asks his "father" why he didn't tell him sooner.

The man was only trying to protect Godzilla from the truth, but it hurt him too badly.

So Godzilla runs off in the middle of a huge rainstorm, he goes out to the ocean and swims back to Japan. During the long swim, he grows older and is almost as big as his true mother was. People see him on the shore, and they freak out, the Japanese Navy starts attacking poor Godzilla and he runs away from it all, he accidentally stomps part of Tokyo, but finds his way back to the ocean and swims to Portland.

The US navy starts attacking Godzilla when he makes it to Portland, but the human who raised him goes to him and then Godzilla stops and picks up his "father" and cuddles him.

The Navy cannot attack Godzilla while he holds his "father". The man climbs down from Godzilla and tells the Navy that you cannot assume that Godzilla is evil, despite his birth mother terrorizing Tokyo. 

In the end, Godzilla ends up becoming a line of defense against the terrorists, and the war in the Middle East ends and Godzilla is now a hero who now lives with his father in a peaceful vineyard in the sunny state of California.

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