This isn't zalgo's alternate counterpart or brother like I am to slender. This is just what his good personality is like ~ Splendor.

Appearance: White skin, light red things, light red eyes

Personality: Warm, Hardly ever serious XD, kind (most of da time), random, shy, adorable

Powers: He has the powers of light and purity (duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh)

Friends: Me, Rake, Ben, Lj, Slender (sometimes XDDD),Ej, Toby, Jeffery (only sometimes), Jane (hardly EVER)

Rivals: Slender (they fight a lot XD), Trender, Offender, everyone else

Likes: His proxys, Fangirls (he always has lol), Winning an argument, Being the main focus (I HAD 2 XD)

Dislikes: Being alone, haters, bullys, slender, feeling invisible

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