Genres is a good way to find the kind of material you want to read. We use Wiki categories in order to do this, and it's illegal to add new categories to your story without permission.

(You can suggest a category to an admin. If the admins decide to create the category you suggested you'll get your name mentioned in the category description!)


Action: Explosions. Need I say more?

Adventure: What's that behind the horizon? You'll find out in this category.

Animals: Cute furry little thangs (Some of them aren't furry).

Creatures: Non-human things, like ur mom.

Comedy:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hahahahaha, haha... ha.

Divinity: Bless you. If you didn't sneeze, fuck you.

Erotic: ;)


Holidays: This genre is full of pastas, falalalah, lalalalaaaaah.

Love: Romance, romance, NOmance if you know what I'm sayin' hue hue hue.

Media: Video games, video, radio, sound, vngrijfdjnfiubtnrijgvnt.

Objects: Unlike the Creatures genre, these things aren't just non-human, they aren't even alive.

People: Just like you and me.

Pictures/Images: They are beautiful. Just like you.

Poetry: This category is for poems n' shit, you should have a look at it.

Scary: Boo!

Science Fiction: To infinity, AND BEYOND!

Spinoffs/Fanfiction: Erotic stories is out of the fucking question.

Meta Categories

Admins: What our admins should do, be, achieve and behave.

Wiki Related Articles: The center of all our important importance.

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