Jeffrey Kenshi (A.K.A. Jeff the Hugger): Jeff the Hugger got hugged so much that his eyes turned rainbow colored and he tried hugging everyone to make them happy. He also wears an orange hoodie with the text displaying "hugs rock" and blue jeans and has 15 years of age. His IQ is 146.


He usually takes the wrong meds - which explains his giant, cute smile on his face everyday. He has shaggy blonde hair and usually wears an orange hoodie and mainly jeans. The iris of his eyes have been noted to "rapidly change colors."


Jeff is a kind and caring individual who sings lullabies to comfort scared and frightened children. He is very generous and is famous for donating money, being kind, and working hard, despite the fact that his family is wealthy, which breaks the stereotypes about "rich kids." He loves socializing and playing soccer and badminton. Although he abhors violence, he decides to fight only for a true good cause and when their is no other solution. His love and consideration has earned him many friends.


Jeff is a true child prodigy and genius. His IQ is 146 and shows talent in digital art as well as music and sports. In battle, he has shown the ability to read an opponent's movements temporarily and formulate hypotheses and create strategies based on the hypothesis. His favorite technique is his manipulation of blue flames. He has also shown the ability to cooperate as Splendorman manifested himself in Jeff and they fought in unison temporarily.


When ever he gives his hot older cousin, Jeff the Killer, a hug, he tried to stab him with his really big knife, but with the help of Splendorman and Frown Cat, he uses the power of love to stay alive. Then, he buys his brother a new knife for cutting vegetables on Easter, his birthday, Christmas, and the 4th of July because his others have blood and rust on them. He also buys him birds. But he also stops him from killing people. Jane, Splendorman, and BEN (Now "Sexy Ben") are Jeff's best friends, as well. He also loves Frown Cat, Smile Dog, and Smile Puppy. He also loves his pet Smiling Dog, the happy and lovable brother of smile. Despite the fact that Jeff the Killer may be insane, he still loves his cousin and regrets his attempts to stab him.

Go to sleep tonight - or don't. But here's a message from Jeff the Hugger himself: