So one day, Jeff the Hugger was walking down the street when he saw a huge, muscular, veiny guy. Jeff thought Woah, I should work out with him sometime. But, then he looked down, and he came to a disturbing realization. The guy skipped leg day all the time. Jeff felt bad for him, so he walked up to him, moved his hand to the guy's leg and with a quick, resounding slap on his small legs, said,"nice calves bro."

Suddenly, the guy's legs began to swell with water and became proportional to his arms.

"Why the heck did you do that?" the guy yelled at Jeff in rage.

"Oh don't worry, you will thank me later, just don't skip leg day." Jeff smiled.

The next day, Jeff saw the guy again as he walked down the neighborhood street, but this time, the dude's legs were bulging with muscles and veins, and his gastrocnemius was finely striated and separated from his soleus. He was wearing Chubbie's shorts with confidence.

"Thank you dude! I don't know what you did, but yesterday, I 2 calf raises with 2000 pounds and 5 squats with 1500 pounds and my legs automatically gained a lot of muscle! Thank you!" the guy saluted, hugged Jeff, and walked off.

The next day, Jeff was inspired, he walked around and slapped everyone's calves that he saw. He got some dirty looks, but received a lot of gratitude the subsequent day.

A week later, Jeff made a speech at the annual Smallbody Convention held near the local gym.

"Okay guys, just because you have small legs doesn't mean you should stop trying. Just go heavy with the calf raises and only hit it for 8-12 reps. Do HIIT when you run, and squat for 6-12 reps. Eat 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of bodyweight every day and drink a lot of water. Water gives you strength. Mkay?"

The crowd erupted in applause.


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