One time the streets were painted rainbow by a magic owl. he spread down glitter too.

This Magic Bird's name was Conan the Mystic Owl.

Conan, from early on, loved to spread cheer to everyone. He never wanted to harm.

As a child, when his parents tried to teach him to hunt, he ended up only eating vegetation so no animals would be harmed. But his parents didn't understand.

When Conan was old enough to fend for himself, he accidentally flew into a cave full of gems. The gems sparkled all around him, and he perched upon one. He sat in the cave for a while, as the light from the cave's entrance made the cave sparkle in all the colors of the rainbow. He sat for hours looking at all the colors and gems, and when he flew out, he had been turned rainbow, and when he'd fly, he'd spread the prisma of colors behind his as well as trailing stars.

So he decided to fly to the suburbs. He saw two parents arguing and flew by. They stopped upon seeing the glitter and the rainbows and they hugged one another. Then there were two neighbors fighting and Conan flew over them, and sure enough they became friends again.

And so Conan keeps flying around the world using his powers to make people optimistic.

The end

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