The story/theory of the ghost named Mellowlia.When Mellowlia was about to be born,her mother was hurt so bad by the birth,she sadly gave up and Mellowlia died.Instead of going to heaven,she decided to stay on Earth to make things wonderful,instead of making it a cruel world by going into miserable children's rooms and hugging them,singing to them,offering them things that will make them better.Mellowlia was a cheerful girl.Hard to believe because she's shy.Not only that,but she's quite smart for her age.She has golden brown hair,she has a pale face,she wears a white gown,because she's a ghost,and she doesn't talk,but she'll use sign language to talk,but it's rare because like I said,Mellowlia is shy.She's neat,and she loves to eat chocolate salty caramels,why?Because that's what the children repay her.Lots of sugary treats in a box.It's weird because she's a ghost,but apparently she,a ghost, can actually eat,unlike other ghosts.She avoids bad and mean people.When you're miserable and you feel so down you just wanna die,she'll be there for you in no time.