mimi was a monster but a nice one. she always wore a black coat and had blue basket full of veggie + healtha bars. she had a leather hat and curly brown hair. her goat horns and red snake eyes might make her look scary but she really is nice. she is worried about the sick children who eat too much junk food.when she was born she was made to scare and kill but chose to help and care.

she was inspired to be good after seeing the evil grease feast make kid so sick they died.

sightings of mimiEdit

apirl 12 2007: three people having a junky picnic were eating. then mimi came. and gave them a health bar.

they looked at chips and cake decied they wernt healthy. mimi said its ok to have a bit of cake but not too much and not all the time

The StoryEdit

mimi walked down the trail out of the forest and into the town ready to scare someone. then a monster wearing a brown jacket, a torn red hat, and white gloves. "hi my name is grease feast whats yours?" he asked. "mimi" she replyed."whatch me" he said. he gave a kid 20 peices of cake. the looked sick moaned "uggggggggggggghhhhhhhh get it out.......ooooooonnngghh" grease feast cut the kids stomch open and removed the cake. mimi flew away on her bat-like wings scared. mimi vowed she would never hurt kill or sacre. insteid she would help.

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