Water twists and water twirls

Waves crash and waves swirl

Child beneath the waves do not fear

For a new world for you is here

He fought his way through like a dog in the rain

On the other side, he only found pain

and in an N64 cartridge he shall remain

BEN Drowned is this kid's name.

Years passed until one day

A college student was looking for a game to play

He brought home the cartridge which he did find

that BEN lived in at that time.

Alex erased BEN's save file, the last work of BENs life

This filled BEN with rage and filled BEN with spite

And so BEN went to Link, and would smite

the child Link's playable sprite

Days did pass and BEN broke free

Unto the internet he did flee

And, he asks, and be begs for you people so dandy

to not change his story and make him into a pansy

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