The unknown entity Ollie has been around only recently but already bringing people to joy. His beginnings are vague at most but numerous accounts of hearing joyful laughter before joining along with it. His accent varies; Canadian, Australian, Indian, Texan, British, Japanese, all of them used to induce joy. 

"It was like a rush of adrenaline flooding through my systems but I felt like smiling forever", an old eyewitness said with a big smile.

It is however not uncommon to find weak willed people giggling with glee after his presence has left the area. His features are surprisingly covered with a white light causing eyewitnesses to be blinded for a moment, before they regain their eyesight only for him to disappear.

Unlike creatures like Splendor Man who have darker counterparts, Ollie has none and is alone without any associates, but he acquaints himself with the people he spreads joy with. 

The mysterious entity is an enigma, but all that he has done shows that his intentions are good. Who knows!, maybe he will come round your house or even walk into an office and crack the whole staff up. :) 

Appearance Edit

Ollie varies in appearances always wearing a different shirt, sweater, shorts or jeans. He has short blonde hair, his height is about 6ft, a golden glow covers his facial features. His skin is quite tanned.

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