The Missing Pasta of Masky and Hoody - By TheLoneRestlessRose / RoseRyuzaki Edit

Growing up, Tim struggled to get along with the other children due to his mental disorder. He suffered from severe memory loss, often had blackouts, seizures, or fainted and had severe headaches. He also had hallucinations. Because of this he was seen as an outcast amongst them and was bullied. It didn't help his mother was rarely there for him and was often gone working all hours of the night because his father was a lazy piece of shit who did nothing but sat on the couch all day, pissed and moaned about everything, and watched his football games and drank until he passed out. His life wasn't all that bad though, because he had met Brian. Brian was his best friend for as long as he could remember. When Tim wanted to commit suicide Brian was there for him and comforted him. If it wasn't for Brian, Tim would have died that day.       


      It was the usual school morning that Tim dreaded. He sighed and reluctantly climbed out of his bed, and moved to get dressed in his usual pair of jeans and hoodie. As he walked out of his room he looked into his parents bedroom, seeing his mother had already gone to work. He sighed again and slowly descended down the staircase, not surprised when he saw his drunken abusive father sprawled out across the couch and passed out, beer in hand. He went over and collected the empty beer bottles scattered all over the floor and threw them into the trash, then turned off the TV.  If it wasn't for Tim the house would be a disaster. He then went to make his breakfast, and was soon out the door and on his way to school.

      Just before he entered the building a group of young boys surrounded him, with evil intent on their faces. They tackled him down while another boy snatched his bag away. Tim groaned in pain as he hit the pavement and tried to get his bag back but it was useless. The boy that had taken it emptied the bag of its contents and gave the money and food to their leader, then they walked off after making some insults at him. Tim was used to this, and knew that it would be far from over. He slowly sat up and began gathering his belongings. Brian had seen what went on and rushed over to Tim. "Hey man are you alright?" He asked, automatically helping Tim gather his things. Tim gave his friend a weak smile and nodded. "They just took my food and money... but they didn't beat me up yet at least." He murmured quietly. Brian frowned at this and helped Tim stand. "I'm sorry I couldn't have been here sooner to help, I'll see if I can take care of those shitheads for you later." He apologized. Tim shook his head and dusted himself off, then picked up his bag. "I don't want them to hurt you Brian, you're the only friend I have." He said. Brian smiled a bit and ruffled his friends hair playfully. "Don't worry about me I'll make sure they don't hurt you again." He promised. "Come, school is about to start." Tim smiled back at his friend and together they walked to their first class.       

Brian was about the same height as Tim. They both had brown hair and could easily be mistaken as siblings or even twins. They both suffered from schizophrenia, wore hoodies, liked the same foods, and had the same interests. Even their family backgrounds were a bit similar, though Brians was much worse than Tims. Brian father would work and come home drunk, then he would beat his wife and son. His mother was schizophrenic and sociopathic so she often neglected him and the world around her. Luckily Brian had managed to get a lock on his room so his father couldn't come in anymore and beat him in his drunken rage. The only difference they really had were their eyes. Brians was hazel, while Tims was blue.       

The bell rang signaling Tim to head to his next class. He stood up and walked with Brian down the hallways, and unfortunately were surrounded by the group of boys again. "Hey look, it's the lovebird faggot couple!" One of them mocked, causing the others to laugh. Brian frowned and moved in front of Tim protectively. "Aww how cute he's defending his girlfriend!" Another boy mocked and they laughed menacingly. "Give Tim his money and food back, or I'll kick your asses." Brian threatened, looking ready to fight. "Oh how cute he's threatening us... how about we teach them a lesson?" The gangs leader asked his subordinates, who agreed with cocky grins. They lunged at Brian who managed to grab Tim and push him out of the way just on time before he was tackled. Tim fell over and groaned, watching in horror as the boys started beating his only friend. Students surrounded them and started chanting, "fight, fight, fight!" Brian managed to kick one of them in the nuts and pull out his pocket knife. He stabbed one of the boys in the eye and slashed madly at anyone who dare touch him. The boys screamed in agony and fell over, while Brian got up swiftly. Their leader growled in anger and tried to pull the knife away from Brian but he dodged and stabbed the boys hand, causing him to scream as well. A teacher pushed their way through the crowd and upon seeing this grabbed Tim and Brian, making him drop his knife, and dragged them to the principal's office, while they sent a nurse to tend to the bullies wounds.       

"What is the meaning of this!?" The principal screamed at them after the teacher told him that Brian had allegedly stabbed the boys for "the hell of it". Tim tried to explain what happened but it was no use, the principal refused to believe them. After a severe lecture Tim was told to leave the room. He reluctantly stood giving Brian a sad apologetic look before leaving. Brian smiled at him weakly and looked down at the floor, knowing what would happen next.        -       Tim waited outside the door for his friend for what felt like hours. His eyes widened when he saw police officers approaching and shook his head. No... this wasn't happening... no way. The men went into the room Brian was in and the door shut again. Moments after the door opened and Brian was being dragged out in handcuffs. "No!" Tim shouted, moving forward but the police shoved him to the ground pushing him away. "Brian is innocent! He tried to protect me! He doesn't deserve this!" He cried, trying to get to his friend. "Shut up you stupid brat!" The officer growled, smacking him across the head with his gun. Tims vision blurred and all he could see were stars. Brian struggled in the officers partners grip. "No! Stop it! Don't hurt him!" Brian begged, his heart sinking as the officer beat his friend. "He's just confused and scared please take me away, leave Tim alone!" The officer spat on Tim and stood, then grabbed Brian roughly and dragged him away. Tim looked up slowly and reached out for his friend. "BRIAN!!! BRIAN DON'T GO!!! YOU DID NOTHING WRONG! HE'S INNOCENT!! WHY CAN'T ANYONE SEE THAT?!" Tim shouted, but no one listened. The last thing he saw was his friend looking back at him sadly before he blacked out.        -       The officers had dragged Brian into their vehicle and brought him to the police station, where he was handcuffed and thrown into a cell. Brian groaned in pain at their brutality and curled up in a ball. After a while an officer approached his cell and told him his parents would be arriving soon to deal with the issue. Brian didn't care. He just wanted to get out and see Tim. Finally the cell doors opened and two officers dragged him to a room, where his father was sitting.       

Upon seeing his son he stood and smacked him hard. "What the fuck were you thinking?!" He yelled. Brian didn't answer, simply staring at the ground. "Whatever, I'll deal with you when we get home." He growled, then turned to the officers. "So how much trouble is he in?" He asked. "We're looking at a 1,000 dollar fine and possibly a few years in prison, but since this is his first offence and that he's a minor we'll let him off with just 1,000 dollars and a permanent record." The officer spoke, giving Brian a glare. "Alright fine, here's your money." His father grumbled, throwing a wad of 100 dollar bills at the officer. "Can I leave now?" Brian asked quietly. The officers uncuffed him and he was violently dragged out of the station by his father.       

Once they were home his father once again dragged him inside and slammed the front door shut, then pushed him to the ground. "You son of a bitch, you realize you just costed me my fucking beer money!" He screamed, reeking of alcohol. Brian looked away. "Don't fucking ignore me you faggot!" His father growled and started to beat him. Brian had gotten used to this, and learned to just block his father out and pretend none of this was real when it happened. When his father didn't get the response he wanted the man backed off and went to beat his mother who was sitting in her rocking chair talking to herself. Brian managed to get up and ran quickly to his room, locking the door behind him. He sighed in relief, ignoring the screams and cries of pains from his mother and went to his own private bathroom which was attached to his room and tended to his injuries.        -       Tim woke up in the schools nursery room and sat up, looking around for his friend. No surprise when he wasn't there. The nurse looked over at him and smiled sweetly. She was a nice woman who knew about his condition. "You fainted after your friend was arrested, how are you feeling?" She asked, walking over to him. Tim groaned and reached up to rub his temples. "Headache... I need my medication..." He mumbled. The nurse nodded understandingly and gave him his schizophrenic medication plus some Tylenol 3's with a glass of water. Tim took his pills and finished his drink, and the nurse put away the items. "Thank you..." He said quietly. "Anytime, hun." She replied. Tim slowly stood and headed for the door. "I think I'll be fine now, thank you miss Harper." He told her before leaving the room.       

As Tim wandered down the halls he remembered what had happened and became consumed with guilt. If only he hadn't come to school today, then Brian wouldn't have been arrested. He exited the building and crossed the road. He would probably never see his best friend again now. At that thought he became severely depressed and felt his vision become blurry with tears. He walked into the local park with the sign titled Rosswood, heading towards the woods. It was the place he and Brian would go alone together whenever they needed a break from the world, their secret hideout. He sat down on a log and buried his face into his hands, where he began to cry. When he was no longer able to he slowly pulled out the knife Brian had dropped earlier and put it to his throat. He didn't want to live if he couldn't see Brian anymore.        -       When he felt ready to find his friend, Brian climbed out of his bedroom window and down the house carefully, landing softly onto the gravel. He then shoved his hands into his pockets and began to walk. He knew school was out by now and that his friend hated going home so he headed to their usual meeting place, Rosswood park. He found his friend with a knife to his throat and rushed over to him. "TIM WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! STOP IT!!" He shouted. Tim gasped in surprise and jumped up, dropping the knife and, hugging his friend tightly. Brian hugged him back as his friend cried in his arms. "I-I'm s-so sorry B-Brian it's a-all my fault! P-please don't hate me or l-leave me..." He sobbed. Brian frowned and hugged his friend tighter. "I won't leave you Tim, I promise. It's not your fault I'm alright. The officers let me off the hook with a 1000 dollar fee. Why were you trying to kill yourself?" He asked, looking scared. Tim buried his face into his friends chest and found himself crying again. "I-I'm so sorry Brian I j-just thought you would be locked up forever a-and I'd never see you again!" He sobbed. "Idiot! Don't kill yourself over me!" He yelled at him. "I-I'm sorry B-brian p-please forgive me." He sniffled wiping his eyes. He looked up and gasped to see Brian had a black eye and bruised lip. "Brian... your face... did your father do this?" He asked worriedly. Brian looked away, not answering. "Just don't worry about it... I can handle my old man... you're more important right now." He said softly. Tim shook his head. "Idiot... you're important too... worry about yourself too..." He mumbled softly. Brian smiled and closed his eyes. As long as he had Tim, everything would be okay. Or so he thought.        -      

A few years later, assuming you watched MarbleHornets entries 1-86. Edit

Tim struggled to remember things. He often found himself in the woods or in the middle of nowhere stranded unable to recall what happened. One time he even found he had a broken leg. Another time he woke up with a white mask in his lap, with the eyes blacked out and the lips darkened. It had raised eyebrows marked on it. He became increasingly confused and alarmed. This often happened when he ran out of his medication. As he learned more and more about what was going on when he met Jay again it took a huge toll on his health. When he found out Brian had gone missing he was devastated, which didn't help his case. He ended up teaming with Jay to try and figure out what was going on but soon Jay had gone missing too, which upset him the most because he was all alone now, everyone being dead. It was all that creatures fault. He wondered if it used Alex to kill Brian too.              

- Entry #83

      There was that damned hooded figure again. The one who had a tenancy to sneak into his house and steal his medicine, and mocked him with Tim's mask. The one who wore that black mask with red eyes and a red frowny face. He had walked into his apartment to find the words "Your Fault" written all over a mirror, with drawings of various objects all over the floor and walls, and a deceased Jay in the room on the ground, bleeding, and the hooded man in the same room. Tim shouted, "I'LL KILL YOU!!!". The hooded man ran so he chased after him. They were teleported to the abandoned hospital as he continued the chase. Suddenly the hooded man dove around a corner and delivered Tim a knockout blow, causing him to fall to the ground and black out.        

When Tim regained consciousness, he was back at Benedict Hall. He stood up and grabbed a large metal pipe, turning to see the hooded figure barely hanging onto the edge of a window. As he charged forward the figure dropped, to Tims surprise, and hit the ground, unmoving. Tim rushed down the stairs with his camera as fast as he could to the body, and searched it, finding his medicine and a tape. He took some of his medication before putting it and the tape away in his pocket. He reached forward, grabbing hold of the mask, and swiftly pulling it off, his eyes widening in horror as he saw the man underneath it.               

- Entry #86

      Tim had gone to Benedict Hall to confront Alex and finally end this. He got inside through the basement area and cautiously climbed through the sewers, down the halls, and up the stairs to the first floor, holding his camera tightly and pulling out his pocket knife that was originally Brians from all those years ago. As he reached the bathrooms he heard a gunshot and fell to the floor, quickly dodging the bullets. He breathed quickly as his heart rate sped up. Pausing for a few moments he peaked out then ran to the stairs, but fell over crying out in agony as a third gunshot was fired and scraped his leg just barely missing him. He went into a coughing fit and dropped his camera. Looking up he saw Alex standing there at the top of the stairs, and then the creature at his feet. He panicked and tried to move away but it was useless.       

Suddenly he was teleported into a tunnel. He ran as Alex shot at him into a forest and hid in the darkness. When Alex had his back turned to him Tim lunged out and stabbed him. They were teleported again to an abandoned building, and Tim found his knife in Alex's hand. He tried to use Alex's gun but it was empty. Alex charged at him to stab him but he managed to grab his hand on time, but took a few punches in the process. He saw the creature behind them.       

Suddenly he was teleported again, coughing as he picked up his knife and slowly stood. He spat out blood and looked around. Alex was gone, and so was that thing. He walked out of the room,finding himself in the abandoned hospital. He held his knife out just in case. "Alex, it doesn't have to be like this. It's not protecting you, it's controlling you. We can fight together. I know what it's like, I can help you. I've had to live with this my entire life. I've learned how to block it out. I can show you how. If you kill me what's going to happen then, huh? What's going to happen to you then? You'll be a shell of a person just like Brian!" He said. Suddenly Alex jumped out, punching him to the ground. "I know exactly what happened to Brian." He spoke. Tim looked up, his eyes widening in horror to see the hooded figure, lifeless in front of him. Alex walked up to the body and pulled off its mask, revealing it as Brian. "You killed him, and he died here slowly because of you. How do you feel since you let your only friend die?" He mocked. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Tim screamed, breaking into a coughing fit as he saw the creature watching them.       

He was teleported again. Slowly he stood with his knife. "I've done everything, to keep this under control. Everyone's dead. Sarah, Seth, Jessica, Amy, Brian, Jay, and now you!" Alex said as he tackled him, putting his arms around Tims throat to suffocate him. "Y-you aren't controlling it; you're just feeding it..." He managed to speak while choking. "Shut up!" Alex growled. "When you killed Amy... did you feel like you we're in control then?" He asked between choking. This angered Alex enough to release one hand to punch him. Tim took his chance, stabbing Alex in the throat as many times as he could. Alex cried out in agony and fell to the floor as Tim continued to stab him repeatedly until he moved no more.       

Covered in blood Tim stood, slowly walking away from the body. As he approached the stairwell, he could no longer contain himself. He started to giggle... and then his giggle turned into laughter... which turned into loud cackles of hysteria. His laughter was that of a madman, echoing throughout the empty building eerily. He wiped the blood on his hands onto his shirt, and descended down the stairs.  As he walked past the room where Brian had fallen to his demise, he saw his white and black mask sitting there. He approached it, bending over and picking it up, putting it on his face. He had nothing left now that Brian was gone.       

He left the building, and got into his car. He barely paid any attention to where he was going, as he was too caught up in the fact the only reason he existed was now gone. He felt lost, no longer sure who the hell he even was anymore. Before he realized it, he found himself at an all too familiar location, Rosswood park. He got out of his car, leaving his camera behind for the first time in years. He would no longer need it. He walked across the long fields, approaching the forest and disappearing into the trees.       

Once he was deep enough in the forest, he looked up at the thing that had caused it all. The creature extented its tenticle like arm and caressed his mask almost fondly. "Who the fuck are you? Why did you do all of this? Why did you cause this?" He growled. The creature slowly tilted its head sideways, it seemed unable to speak. Suddenly the bushes rustled, and out walked the masked figure Tim thought was dead. "B-Brian?!" He gasped in shock. Brian shook his head. "I'm no longer Brian. I'm dead, remember? Call me Hoodie." He corrected him.       

Tim blinked in confusion. "Bria- I mean Hoodie, what's going on?" He asked. "You don't remember do you? This creature here is called The Operator, or is believed to be Slenderman. Let's call him that. He is neither human nor any earth form. It's best to describe him as a demon or paranormal entity. He cannot speak, so he's using us to communicate for him." Hoodie explained. Tim blinked in surprise and looked at Slenderman. "Why is he doing this?" He asked. "Perhaps he was bored. He played with us all, Tim. But you know, I kinda like working for him... messing with people... don't you agree that it feels good?" Hoody suggested, approaching Tim slowly. This wasn't the Brian he knew... he was different, off... and to make things worse Tim found himself unable to disagree with him. "Come with me, Timmy... we can start a new life together, just you and me with Slenderman. We can be together and make all the horrible people suffer for what they did to us, what do you say?" He asked, standing in front of him with his arms out.       

'Do it'. A voice Tim had never heard before spoke in his mind. His eyes widened and he looked up at Hoodie, then he slowly broke into a grin. "Let's be together forever." He said, embracing his friend in a warm hug. "From now on Tim is dead too, call me Masky." Hoody chuckled and ruffled his best friends hair playfully. "Come on, let's find some humans to fuck with." And with that the three of them disappeared.      


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