Well prett kitty were do I begin she is not a kitten she is a human and a kittten she is a cutie pie and is a proxy of splendour man I should explain her back story she is a small girl and her name that I had given her was siren her hair was blonde and and her right eye was the brightest colour of gold you'll ever see and her right eye was well red as blood her closhes just a blak tank top and a black hoodie and Denmie shorts that went up to her knees she was abused by the look of her I had seen blood on her she was cold and wet hungry I found her on my bed curled up on my bed near my feet I have enountered splendour man befor in the woods she was small, after a bit I found myself in the woods with her small sleeping figure in my arms calling out to slendermsn her came to view and was sent to his house promise ing me care for her I put her story up becuase she was mentally ill had issues abused but cared for everyone and had a smile on her face she was called pretty kitty

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