Rupert sat there, crying on a tree stump in the fields next to the small town where he lived.

"What's wrong little boy?" he heard from behind him.

He looked up to see a girl in a dress resembling a flower, around her legs were what looked like vines growing from her brown boots to her thighs.
Happypasta oc rosie by delainalivingston-d8d590h


"The other kids are making fun of me..." he sniffled

She then glided over and sat next to him, putting her arms around him and hugging him tightly.

"What about, little one?" she asked, her blue eyes glancing warmly into his.

"My name..." he replied.

"Well that's just mean! How dare they make fun of such a cute little boy. Well, I've got something to cheer you right up!"

And with that statement, she pulled something out and showed it to him. It was a purple rose. As he looked at it, he felt himself become less sad. She held it out for him.

"Here you go! This is a very special rose that'll cheer you up in no time!" she smiled.

"I can keep it? Oh, thank you, Miss. And it's my favorite color too!" he exclaimed as he took the beautiful rose.

"Well, that's what's good about that rose, you see, it's magic, and as long as you have it, you'll always be happy!" she laughed." Now, I must get going, there's a lot of other little boys and girls that need cheering up as well. goodbye now!"

"Wait, miss, what is you name?" Rupert asked.

"Call me Rosie," she replied with a smile before walking away.

After she left, Rupert joyfully ran home, eager to show his mother his beautiful rose.

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