One of the loyal helpers of Splendorman, and possibly the best happypastas that escorts Splendorman, compared to the always cheerful, Toby

Shadey is shy, but still supported by Splendy, telling him "Oh my you are dashing, umm, duwd, ummm dowg!", he is one who acts as a guardian to Splendy, because of some pranks done by Toby, which involves taking a stuffed chicken to the face

While Scarfy is humbe and acts as a measenger to the other Happypastas, telling them about how to defend Splenderwoods from storms, Scarfy is also the one who is always quiet, but transforms into a drunken judo monster masher when eats too much sugar.

Currently they guide people who lost their way too Slenderwoods by accident, and still putting signs with directions with Slendy's amazing masterpieces of art which involves Frowncat and the gang.

The duo seldomly hang out with Toby, because of his prank attitude that always keep the gang in trouble, still Splendy is keeping an eye out of their troubles.

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