So im maddy a huge creepypasta fan and I..I saw my dog well acting strange not in a mental way but in fchal (I don't know how to spell it since in eleven) she well it's better if I just tell you

So I walked out into the back yard wanting to play with sesi and boo I played games with them and hinges so I went inside to give them treats I said sit they sat and sesi did something weird she started getting hiper Wich was unushushual and she snapped and howeld at me and suddenly... she gave me a..a face it looked so human so creepy it was like a human she looked so much like smile.jpg I froze starring at sesi boo fled into the back garden now I don't see sesi that much I wonder why...

So that was my story so if you don't beleve me than haters gonna hate! But this one hundred present true please beleve me im not lying! :(

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