Smiley Dog is a friendly and gentle Husky who is older than his little brother Smile Dog. Smile Dog dislikes his older brother and tries to fear people with his crazy and insane face. Smile's creepypasta picture has his, big ugly mouth with blood, bloodshot eyes, and redness in the backround. Smiley's picture has his happy face with a big smi
le with white teeth, sparkled blue eyes, and has a tree in the backround outside, with the sun shinning.

Smiley has an older brother named Grin aswell he is what holds this family together and oftan has to talk to Smile from creepypasta about Nothing much could be said about Grin since he is very shy but I can assure you he is not grimm....... A bit of Smiley`s twin mentaly and physically.

Smiley is also popular for his kindness, but for Smile, he is rude, awesome,mean, and scary!

"Happieness is about friendship with colors and rainbows!" -Smiley Dog

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