I sat alone in my house waiting for my computer to stop glitching. It was getting on my nerves, so I decided to make do with it and spend sometime out side. I looked at the trees and felt like they were staring back at me. Was it because of the Creepypasta I read before? I kept on walking and felt nervous. I got near the forest. Was Slendy just in there waiting for me? I thought I saw him. Never mind that I need to get back inside. It kinda felt good to be outside though. After all I spend too much time on the computer and playing video games. Yeah, yeah, I get it i'm lazy. Anyways on to the point. I got back on the computer and saw a message that said "Do YoU WaNt To PlAy WiTh Me?". A frightning image of some kind of dol poped up on the screen then the page crashed and I saw a little purple guy run around my screen. "Who are you?" I asked. "M3?" it said "i'm uncomfortable.". I laughed a bit but then I said "why are you here.". "i'm here to help" it said. "Then can we be friends?" I asked. "Of course!" It said. So my best friend is an anti- virus. She's a little cute dork. Her nickname is rar and she gets rid of viruses for me and comforts me when i'm scared. :)

Picture of rar

As you see this is a happypasta version of Sonic.exe. I do not own or claim ownership of Sonic.exe. Sonic.exe belongs to JC-The-Hyena. Rar belongs to me. :)

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