Little Slender: Splendor? Do you wanna go be random? Come on lets go and play, I never see you anymore, come out the door, it's like you gone away. We used to be best buddies, and now your not I wish you would tell me why... Do you wanna go be random? We don't have to be random.

Little Splendor: Go away Slender

Little Slender: Okay bye....... *walks away*  :(

~*Music tune again*~

Little Splendor: *looking out the window and it turns rainbow* *gasp and walks away*

Dad: Here the gloves will help. *put gloves on splendor*

Dad: See? Conceal it.

Both: Don't feel it, don't let it show.

Slightly older Slender: *giggle and knock on door again* Do you wanna go be random? Or ride our bikes in the woods? I think some company is overdue..., I started talking to a freak on the loose. Hang in there Rake!

Slightly older Slender: It gets a little boring, in the woods alone, waiting for time to fly by.... *clock noises*

Slightly older Splendor: I'm scared, it's getting worse. :'(

Dad: Getting upset will only make it worse, calm down.

Slightly older Splendor: No please stay away! I don't want to hurt you.

  • mom hugs the dad*

Teen Slender: *hugs parents* See you in two weeks

Teen Splendor: Do you have to leave? :<

Dad: We will be fine, Splendor.

  • parents teleport on a boat but neon lightning in different colors makes them sink*

~*sadistic music playing all through the scenes*~

  • offender has tears slipping down his face, trender sits in corner covering his face with a scarf, Splendor who is out room is crying and the other bros walk to him*
  • Slender who is in black long funeral jacket walks back in as the other two mourn outside and splendors on the couch with tears coming down his face*

Teen Slender: Splendor, splendor? Please I know your right here *sitting next to him on couch* People are asking where you been...., They say be strong well I'm trying to I'm here next to you just please give in. We only have eachother, it's just you and me.... What are we gonna do? Do you wanna, go be random? *hugs splendor as music ends*

~*Ending music*~



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