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hello. this is the list of things in the forest that help splendorman out. here is that list. also were almost at 200 happypastas!!!!!!!!!!!!! its very exiting! (^-^)

Wise owlEdit

the wise owl helps splendorman in the science lab. he is always thinking.

Lil mouseEdit

lil mouse is a loyal kind soul that help with small jobs.

racoon rogerEdit

racoon roger is a racoon who chases down robbers. he is very calm and swag.

mister forestEdit

hes a talking tree. thats all.

canary juniorEdit

hes a canary who gets people off of drugs.

safety-first bagerEdit

he helps kids be safe. kinda wears a police man outfit.

moonbug and sunbugEdit

two ladybugs who control day and night.


a small rabbit.

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