Splendor and Oglaz usually got along all until one day Oglaz gets jealous of Splendor's fame and tries outdoing him in good deeds and joy trying to be better then him. Then Splendor tries proving who is better. Who will win and how will this battle end? Write the first paragraph of your page here.

Opening With SplendorEdit

Splendor: *dozing off still shivering in fear*

All pastas: who's going to wake him up this time?


Splendor: *snaps awake* huh STAY BACK

JTH: dude its just us now get up we have to show you something

Splendor: Ok what is it?

JTH: You will find out...

Opening with OglazEdit

Oglaz: *fell asleep outside ever since 1:00 last night from loneliness*

The Bake: Ok who is gonna wake him up? *has fur like hair on body*

Proxys: not us

Jinx-a-mena: I will *pours ice cold water on him*

Oglaz: *jumps up whimpering and panicking*

Bake: sorry but we really have to show toy something

Oglaz: what is it?

Bake: you will find out soon...

Finding out



Oglaz: so w-what is it?

Smiling Bob: You heard of Splendorman right? you know the one always helping people, cheering them up?

Oglaz: Oh yes.......... *he pauses as if remembering something* Splendorman............ *there is a cold silence*

Jinx-a-mena: everything alright?

Oglaz: Yes .... *looks at them* I command one of you to find this ''Splendorman'' and bring him to me ....

Bake: Yes boss *he runs off searching for Splendor*

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