It was a normal day. Sunset jack got out of bed and greeted the day with a big smile! Somewhere else Eyeless jack got out of bed, very tired and remembered the meeting with the family. He finshed eating a fresh kidney from last night and put his mask on. Meanwhile sunset was eating toast with smile cat and splendorman. Sunset told them about how exited he was to see his brother. eyeless stared at the portal and groaned he went thorough the shimmery enteryway. sunset heard a thump outside and was delighted to see his brother. eyeless groaned at the sight of his brother but then sunset showed him how sad people he killed were. eyeless jack began to feel bad. then he saw a beautiful sunrise and he had eyes! his hood turned from navy blue to lavender. his shoes were pink flip flops. he took his scary mask off and his face was bright yellow with sea blue eyes. sunset asked eyeless if he would be good. and ej said yes. from now on eyeless jack was known as sunrise jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and had a new mansion called splendormansion and a little part of happiness came!!!!!