"Out in the woods I see and hear you, you cannot run....because THERES A CLIFF BESIDE YOU MAN WATCH OUT!!!!"

One of Splendorman's apprentice and forest guide, at the Splendorcottage in the Woods, he is currently learning how to use his hammer, for fixing Splendorman's castle because of his nutty pranks which involves making a toilet paper suit for Splendy

He is Splendy's headache for the day because of his tricks on Jeff the Hugger, which Jeff is still teaching him manners and the ways out of his cottage

Toby is also the head cook for his master and hia buddies, amking him the head BBQ maister in annual happy festivals, his favorite food however is still the a smelly old Garlic Taco, which Splendy is always cleaning, good thing he has some extra tentacles

He was saved by Splendy in a fire accident because of his pet rabbit, but the fire was put out by Spleny's quick thinking, using his Hip-hop dance as a wind maker, thus saving the whole town, and acquiring a new Mischievous apprentice.

At first Splendy only saw his naughty behaviours but quickly was his fun side, involving his hammer juggling, where Splendy is currently worried.

He is one of nominees for training other apprentices and other newcomer in Slendercottage, where Slendy is full of quick fun ideas for all his helpers

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