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the cute Tails Doll

So, recently I got Sonic R as a gift for my birthday. It was a really awesome game to add to my Sonic collection.. though Sonic Adventure remains my favourite.

After beating the game, I decided to do a tagging mission as the Tails Doll, since it was my favourite character. I beat the level, and sure enough, the checkered screen appeared, I turned and looked on the couch beside me, and an adorable, chibi Tails that KIND OF looked like the Tails Doll looked up at me and said, "You won me... can you please get me something to eat, like a cookie?"

I scootched over on the couch and was alittle shocked and asked, "WHAT?! You're real!?"

The doll laughed and said, "Yeah. As real as you are. And since you did epicly, I thought I'd come out of your game and be your friend or something, if you don't want me around, I could go." He started to stand up and looked like he was going to walk away.

I said, "No.. please don't go..... I want to get to know you."

The Tails Doll turned to me and then glomped me, he said, "Oh thank you thank you thank you! I promise I'll try to be a good house guest!"

For a few days, I took him with me. He'd ride in my backpack when I went to work, then when we went back to my place we would play Sonic Heroes, believe it or not he loved it, and actually helped me bet the final bosses and then the Metal Overlord level. Him and I stayed up late telling stories about our life experiances. It was great.

The next day, his gem lit up... I was worried sick when this happened. I worriedly asked Tails Doll, "Tails... why is your gem lit?"

Tails Doll started crying as he said, "A player is getting closer to beating the videogame, and then the tag level as me... I'm afraid, once they do so, I will be taken from here."

I started to cry, "Tails... you can't leave me, we're best friends."

Tails Doll hugged me and said, "I know this will be difficult, but always remember the 3 days I lived with you, and was your friend. Even from time to time, I might stop by to visit you, I promise... just, please don't be sad. Remember, just think about the good times, and they will come back again, ok?"

I hugged Tails Doll for 30 minutes, until he vanished... I went to my room to cry, and saw a plushie on the bed... Tails Doll wouldn't forget me, as he had left me a stuffed toy that looked like him, that I will cherish always, and forever.

The End :)

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