Talky Toby is the opposite of Ticci Toby, He's also Splenderman's proxy. He's an adventurer and loves the outdoors and talks ALOT, He has a hyper personality and gets along with the other proxies very well. Talky Toby wears a baby blue hoodie with black and white squiggly stripes and bunny ears on the top, his goggles are like his opposite's but they are heart shaped and pink. He also wears a scarf which is white and has a cat mouth on it. Talky Toby has pale skin and brown hair.

Whenever he tries to interact with Ticci Toby all he does is tear Talky Toby apart or at least tries to. It is said Slenderman built a invisible wall in the woods so that Splender's proxies or any Happypasta are unable to enter the woods. Now Talky lives in the other woods where Splender's proxies live.

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