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The Fruiteater's NFL Play 60 campaign.

In the Happy Forest, there have been several reports of children aged 4-12 disappearing into the woods. Strangely enough, these missing children are found alive and healthy the day they turn 13. This is because there is a mysterious entity that lives in the Happy Forest, known only as the Fruiteater. The Fruiteater loves to eat healthful fruits such as apples and bananas. He also likes to stay fit. One day, he saw an obese child, so he led him into the woods so he could teach the child to eat healthy and get fit. He let the child go when he was 13. He felt so good about it, that he decided to help more kids get fit. He recently teamed up with the NFL to help get kids to get at least 60 minutes of exercise everyday. He has plans of opening a gym to help overweight kids become healthy.