In any city, in any country, go to any orphanage or daycare center you can get yourself to. Find someone who is sad and depressed, smile and ask to visit someone who calls herself "The Holder of Happiness", if the person smiles back, then you're in luck.
You will be led to a single door leading to a long, winding hallway. Open the door, the hallway beyond it will be bright, guide yourself forward, you will hear cheerful songs and sounds of laughter that will make even the gloomiest person feel happy inside. Should the sounds stop anytime, do not be afraid, it will come back after a few seconds, the kid's are just playing with you.
When you reach a white door, open it, it will lead you to the outside playground where all the children are, they might ask you to play tag with them, and if you do, then they will give you a gift, it will be something you'll like.
However, there is a little girl, with pale white skin and red eyes, alone in the swings, crying, cradling a dirty teddy bear, go to her and say "You are not alone, Holder of Happiness, I am here"
The girl will then stare into your eyes and will explain, with a sudden cheerful tone, about the rare miracles of humanity, how even though the world is surrounded by horror, we need to be strong, because not everyone is a monster, anyone can change, anyone can love, anyone can stop hating one another, anyone can choose to make a difference, even if by little, we just need to remember that we are not alone in this world, we just need to remember that.
These children are not objects, they are humans. Don't be sad, because a little girl just found her family.