If you have heard of the midnight game, here is a happier alternative with no nightmares, no Midnight Man, nothing scary, and you get to see your friend(s)

You will need a few things:

-a location you can play this at

-perhaps some money or food if you are doing this at your house

-a friend who can participate

-a watch

So, first up, call up a friend and see if they are available for lunch sometime. When you find that friend who is available for lunch, set a date and a time, preferably at noon. 

When the time comes, go over to the friend's house and knock 22 times on the door, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you do this, as it will let someone know that you are at the door.

You meet your friend, then go out for lunch or have lunch at their/your place, depending on what they want to do, then during the lunch, talk about how things are going, common interests, memories, fun stuff like that.

Be sure to leave by 3:33pm... because traffic is usually picking up at that hour and it could make you late to getting home or something.

DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME... if you don't like lunch.

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