===The candy monster is a pink fluffy monster with blue and yellow ears who is nice to good Helpful kind kids. As his name says he likes candy and Likes to share it. He is a good individual and a good role model to others. he protects kids from bullys and his candy is sugar-free so kids dont get unhealthy. he has fangs but he dosnt hurt anyone. his home is a pink crystal cave with lots of rock candy in it.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE STORY

one day a kid named Samuel was walking in the woods and found a pink shiny cave behind a waterfall. Samuel peeked inside and saw the candy monster. the candy monster asked Samuel if he wanted some candy. Samuel said "yes please" and the candy monster gave him a lollipop. Samuel came back with his friends Ronald,William,Katie and his sister Molli. they played together and soon every kid on the block knew about the candy monster. the candy monster comes to the park alot too. soon the waterfall the cave was behind was named sour spray falls.

WARNING!: DO eat the sour spray because it is too sour!!!!

----------------------------- made by COOKIETHEBAT

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the candy monster also has a creepypasta counterpart