Once there was a little girl named Janet(you may know her as jane the killer).She was filled with hatred and evilness but she was pure deeeeep down. Jane had the worst life evah..and she saw the evil in everything! One day she changed forever.. Now let me tell you that story! It was her 18th birthday and sadly her parents forced her to move out! She could hardly belive! Her loving mother forcing her to go!! As hoplesss Janet explored she found a cave. So she went inside and saw a beautiful golden lamp! As Janet rubbed flew out a geanie! "I can change the world with this!" Thought jane. Suddenly she told the geanie"I wish that everyone could have a great life!". Suddenly a beautiful flower appered before her! She touched it but quickly after her hair turned from black to blonde,and her skin turned from grey to tan! She was pure again! Now if you ever find a geanie and make a life changing wish you will summon the peace flower! The End

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