( thanks to the writers of many happypastas to inspire me with there storys!)

splendorman was doing tests in his lab, trying figure out how to turn creepypasta into happypasta. wise owl helped him do the tests. owl saw some rusty rare metals and began to think. splendorman did tests with different blood types with his blood. the reactions gave him some information. owl looked at the mixtures and back at the metals. his brain thought up some things. splendorman looked at owl and could tell he was thinking. owl looked at a bottle of sundrop and mixed it with water. owl got some kind of powder and poured it in. splendorman watched owl mix in some of his blood. then owl put some metal in it. splendorman got a creepypasta bug and dipped it in. the bug turned nice. splendorman smiled. he could barley believe what owl made. owl went over and got a hose, the metals, a large pot, some wires, and a sunshine energy tank. splendorman called the new mixture sun dew. owl and splendorman got to work. owl cleaned the metal and put it the right place. splendorman put the gears and wires in. owl got a big lid and put on. the happypastas came and helped. smile cat put the hose inside and checked everything. owl and moonbug tighten some screws while sunbug attached some wires together. jeff the hugger and splendorman added the finishing touches. the sunshine machine was complete. owl stared at the machine and added a lever. splendorman couldn't believe his eyes. he made a machine that would solve there problem. he thanked everyone for helping and gave them some tea. splendorman knew that with the machine the world could be happier. just a little but thats okay. the smallest star is the one that lights earth up.

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