1.    When a stranger helps me pick up something I accidentally dropped
2.    When the DJ plays a song I requested
3.    Reading my old diaries/journals
4.    Hearing good results from the dentist
5.    Coming home after being away for a while
6.    The fresh feeling after I wash my face
7.    Getting in line before it gets long
8.    Being in the car while its going through an electric car wash
9.    Finding out your having your favorite meal for dinner
10.    Accomplishing thing people thought you couldn’t
11.    When someone wants to take a picture with you
12.    When everybody is in a good mood
13.    Immature moments with your friends
14.    Tossing something in the trash and making it
15.    When my scissors glide across a wrapping paper
16.    Cold shower in the summer
17.    Pretty skies
18.    Listening to my grandparents telling me a story
19.    When I finally see the car that is coming to pick me up
20.    When I actually like the assigned reading
21.    Walking into an air-conditioned building after being outside in the heat
22.    When your online order finally arrives
23.    The look on the gloom’s face when he sees his bride walking down the aisle on their big day
24.    Taking a shower after camping
25.    Waking up on your birthday
26.    Seeing the street lights goes on/off
27.    Watching bloopers
28.    When the airplanes takes off / lands
29.    City lights at night
30.    Letting my hair down after being tied up all day
31.    Cleaning my ears after showers
32.    Hearing interesting stories about myself when I was young
33.    Hearing crumbs being sucked by the vacuum cleaner
34.    When the lights goes off at a concert
35.    Receiving an invitation
36.    The smell of the popcorn in the movie theater
37.    Waking up next to the one you love
38.    When a person asks me genuinely how was my day
39.    Answering a question correctly in the class
40.    Being able to sleep right away
41.    Turning on the T.V just in time
42.    Finding out that there is no backside of the worksheet
43.    Seeing bus drivers wave at each other (I don’t know why it makes me happy)
44.    Hearing someone refers to you as their friend for the first time
45.    Rapping an entire part of a song perfectly
46.    Falling asleep on the couch and waking up with a blanket on you
47.    A scent that reminds you of a good memory
48.    The feeling I get after I sneeze
49.    When the stoplight turns green before you begin to brake
50.    When the deadline of a project is extended
51.    When someone saves you a seat
52.    When the elevator door opens right away
53.    Being the first to applause from the audience
54.    Peeling an orange in one piece
55.    When my favorite artist come out with a new album
56.    Using new markers
57.    Changing into sweatpants
58.    Tearing out a piece of perforated paper perfectly
59.    Finally remembering the word the was on the tip or your tongue
60.    Discovering a new song and instantly loving it
61.    The smell of a barbecue
62.    Feeling confident when turning in an exam
63.    The feeling of relief after finding something important you lost
64.    Re-reading old conversation
65.    Catching something before it hits the ground
66.    When one of your favorite movies is on T.V
67.    Finding that someone does the same weird things you do
68.    The smell of a campfire
69.    Watching someone I love sleeping
70.    When I see my food coming in a restaurant
71.    Finding out that something is cheaper than you thought it was
72.    Using exactly 160 characters in a text
73.    Hearing people cheering for me
74.    Finding out that some one likes me
75.    Feeling accomplished at the end of the day
76.    Being told that I made someone’s day
77.    Wearing new clothes for the first time
78.    The moment of silence when I drive under a bridge on a rainy day
79.    Not wearing make-up and being able to rub my eyes
80.    Finally laughing after trying to hold it in
81.    When the vending machine gives me more than I paid
82.    When someone texts back instantly
83.    The moment I realize my hiccups are gone
84.    Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin
85.    Flipping to a new month on my calendar
86.    Accomplishing something before the microwave beep
87.    Walking through puddles in a rain boot
88.    The smell of fresh laundry
89.    Being called beautiful
90.    Perfectly separating an Oreo
91.    When someone is excited to see me
92.    When I catch something that was thrown to you from far away
93.    Arriving at the bus stop right on time
94.    Questions on a test that gives the answers of other questions
95.    Waking up and realizing your bad dream was not true
96.    Getting your hair washed at a salon
97.    When the last item in the store is you size
98.    The first bite of food when you’re really hungry
99.    The feeling after finishing an oral presentation
100.    When people take care of me when I’m sick