Tropical Island Music - Island Paradise

Tropical Island Music - Island Paradise

Music and pictures to go along with my poem (credit goes to Derek Fiechter)

Tropical-Island-Escape 1

Tropical Island Paradise

Today I woke up, and I was in my tropical island paradise

It wasn't a normal island because that would not suffice

There were palm trees all over the place

And coconuts growing with great grace

I could see animals all around me

They were all climbing up and down their tree

I could see howler monkeys grabbing the manner of fruit

They were having fun up there, with all of their loot

They threw one at me, and I caught it with glee

I was having fun, and so were they

Then they moved the trees away

Before me I saw a beach

With sand and water and rocks each

I got into my swim trunks, and took a look back

I found my island paradise, I was on the right track

I started to swim, and looked at the island with glee

This was the perfect island, I had never felt so free! :)