It was once a old man who wasn't happy at all. His wife died a month ago, his beloved wife. He has children and grandchildren, but they all live far away in New York and he lives in a small farm house somewhere in California. Anyway he was very lonely and sad. Hour for hour he sat there in his couch thinking about life and death until there was a knock on the door. The old man wondered who it was, because he dont usually has visitors. He lives near a big forest,where the town people say that it was haunted. The old men goes to the door and said 'who is there', no answer, he looks to his right and sees his rifle. One hand near the weapon and his other hand reached the door. As he opened the door he saw a little boy with a big packet in his arms. ,,Are you Mr. Midfield,Sir?",the boy asked friendly. ,,Yes, thats me",the old men said and smiled. The boy smiled back and gave him the box. ,,F-for me?", the old men said with a smile. He don't get much post, no newpapers because the post officer is scared of the forest and from his children not often too because they are very busy or they had already forget him. That thought made him worried and sad. ,,That packet is from the people of the town, they know that your wife died awhile ago and that you live now all alone, they thought it would make you happy again.",the boy said happiely. ,,Go, open it!",the boy said with a grin in his face. The old men opened it was a little puppy! It was a Saint Bernard, it looked up to see the old men and wagged with his tail. The old men was very happy about the present. He named the dog Max, the puppy barked happily then, he seems to like his name. ,,Oh, thank you all! Tell the people in town that i am very grateful!", the old man said happily and smiled. Then the old men had an idea:,,You came all alone? Whats your name my boy? How about tea or cacao?" ,,Yes and my name is Milo! If i'm not a bother for you Sir, i would have a cacao please", Milo answered and smiled happily. ,,Oh, you don't need to call me with 'Sir', you can call me John", John said and smiled. The puppy Max brought life to John's life and the house. The little boy Milo visited him everyday from that day on and even the towns people came sometimes to visit him. He often goes to his wife's grave and told her about Milo,Max and the townspeople. John was so happy from that day on too and now life has sense again for him.

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