In the Parody of My Little Dashie by FimFlamPhilosophy, there is a song that the Jokermort sings to Rainbow Dash when they go out on their date. The parts that are bold font are sung by Jokermort 
Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu-003:11

Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu-0

It is a cute love song, and here is how it goes:

I think that you're rather unique Perhaps you're something new And if you'd like to oblige I'd like to get to know you.

You seem fundamentally fun I feel like being your friend. Let's see the big city sights and find how well we blend.

I hope you won't mind if I say I'm smitten by your smile I hope you like all my jokes and that you'll stay for a while.

I'd gab that your humor is grand At least what I understand It seems your passion rubs off It's better than I planned.

It's the start of something too great It's really much too profound I'm glad we ventured a chance It's frankly hard to expound.

Do you think we both have a chance? Can we even get by? I know the odds are against.

We'll make it if we try!

You've hair soft as feathery down Wide eyes to look into Such trust and vigor for life!

I am your pony waifu!

That makes my poor heart burst with glee! Please promise that it's true! That you would deign to choose me!

I am your pony waifu!

Profess to me your foolhardy dreams The things you find you're fond of Tell me your every wish I think that I'm in love.

You know that I love you too!You feed me sugar cubes Can't say what more could I want I am your pony waifu!

I'll be there for you every night!

And I will be there too! You are my very best friend And I'm your pony waifu!

Dear you are the light of my life! I know that we'll get through!

You're everything that I need! I am your pony waifu!

I predict a future for us.

We're going to make it shine!

Because I know that I'm yours!

And I know you're mine

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