Secrets of Truly Happy People11:17

Secrets of Truly Happy People

Two butterflies were in love………One day, they decided to play Hide n Seek…….

During the play…..
Boy Butterfly – “A small game within us”
Girl Butterfly – “OK”
Boy Butterfly – “The one who sits in this flower
tomorrow early in the morning is the one who loves
the other one more…..”
Girl Butterfly – “OK”

Next morning, the boy butterfly waits for the
flower to open so that he can sit before the girl
butterfly does……

Finally, the flower opened…..

What did he see…..?????……..

The girl butterfly had died inside the flower…..

She stayed there all night……so that early in
the morning……as soon as she sees him…….she
can fly to him and tell him how much she loved

After some time passed the boy butterfly decided he had to do something... He must use the power that was hidden inside of him to save his beloved...

Boy Butterfly: "By the power of all that is greystone.... Thunder thunder thunder.... LIVE GIRL BUTTERFLY WITHOUT A NAME! LIVE!!!!"

And thus the spark of life came from his giant butterfly tongue thing and the nectar of life said "Screw you guys who said she died, she's going to live again!"

The END.:)

Dedicated to all ya'll little butterflies who have lost a loved one.

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