a dragon of chaos named wisp once ruled the land. wisp killed the ones who were not obedient. he didn't care about anything. one day a dragon named jen came to free the people. jen said "you shall not treat people like this!" wisp breathed some black fire onto jen. jen quickly moved out of the way.

she quickly filled with rage. jen used the power of light to launch a ball of holy stars. wisp smirked and flew thorough the roof. wisp threw a ball of dark matter at jen. jen fell from the sky screaming. wisp laughed at jen and smirked. jen cried but when she thought she would die her wings healed. she flew up and launched out holy water. wisp's skin burned with pain and faded away.  "yes! yes! yeeeees!! I did it!! Oh yes! yes! yes! yes! yeeeeeeees!" jen cried. now jen ruled the land preventing evil but treating people good.

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