Name: Fan-girl & Fan-boy

Age: 18 & 18

Gender: Female & Male

Height: 5'6 (Fan-girl) & 5'9 (Fan-boy)

Hair Color: Blue with Green tips (Fan-girl) while Fan-boy has Green with blue tips

Eye Color: Fan-girl has a brown eye and green eye while her brother has the opposite


Fan-girl has the ability to make objects appear out of thin air

Fan-boy has the ability to make all sorts of foods appear out of thin air

The two siblings will sometimes argue with each other, but sometimes you will see fan-girl making table cloths, chairs, tea cups, and dessert trays appear while Fan-boy makes the food appear. The two siblings also share a tiny single-family house that has all sorts of flowers in the front and backyard. The house is yellow, has three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

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