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  • Sugarspice13

    Well, way to go

    August 27, 2014 by Sugarspice13

    Hello, this is Kylie again. Good Job internet trolls... I hope you are happy now. You have finally taken Jen's sanity, I hope you are proud of yourselves from writing mean things about Jen all over her stuff saying that she eats her own feces and other stupid things that you drove her to insanity.

    Well, good job.

    Enjoy the rest of your lives.


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  • Sugarspice13

    Um hey, this is Kylie

    August 18, 2014 by Sugarspice13

    So, Jen called today about some troll lady, then she was crying and babbling about taking 25 advils, then hung up... I got a call from her mom a few hours ago saying Jen was passed out and now she's in the hospital... if someone could please tell me what is going on, I'd greatly appreciate the effort.

    Thank you,



    Kylie again,

    Jen is doing better now, the doctors say she'll be able to leave in a few weeks, but while I have the chance while she's away, I will change her password on this account so she won't be able to log in anymore. I don't want her to feel more distressed. I hope that Jen realizes what pain she brought onto the troll and herself that she doesn't need a website like this.

    Sorry for all this drama, 


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  • Sugarspice13

    Please stop it... I don't want to leave... I liked being on here until I messed with the wrong person and now my inner monsters shine through showing that I'm not that great or smart or talented or anything. I'm just garbage so it feels.

    I just want a break from people talking to me, alright? 

    I joinned this wikia thinking I could spread joy and cheer... not mong hatred and anger.

    I'm sorry everyone.... I'll just leave.... see you if I decide to come back or something

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  • Sugarspice13

    I'll try my best to positively contribute from now on.

    Thank you for all your support in my time of sadness and desparation.

    Showing me that the community of Happypasta writters are true to their genre and that they wish to only spread love and cheer

    Now to fix the pastas I made wrong

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  • Sugarspice13

    I just seem to fail at everything.

    I tell Datrollmasta that she is smart, she thinks I called her stupid.

    I try to post a Happypasta about a BEN who accepts his fate, I end up taking it down. No offense to the nice person who reminded me it was wrong, but it still kinda hurt.

    I try to innocently make badges only to become a pariah.... I don't know anymore... I just... I just want someone to say I did something right for once... just for someone to say "Gee, J, you did a great job! Keep up the good work!" No... it's always something negative... and I'm a negative person, so even if you know math... that still in my case makes a BIGGER NEGATIVE.... can someone just help me... please... for once just give me some credit for the good things I did…

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