I just seem to fail at everything.

I tell Datrollmasta that she is smart, she thinks I called her stupid.

I try to post a Happypasta about a BEN who accepts his fate, I end up taking it down. No offense to the nice person who reminded me it was wrong, but it still kinda hurt.

I try to innocently make badges only to become a pariah.... I don't know anymore... I just... I just want someone to say I did something right for once... just for someone to say "Gee, J, you did a great job! Keep up the good work!" No... it's always something negative... and I'm a negative person, so even if you know math... that still in my case makes a BIGGER NEGATIVE.... can someone just help me... please... for once just give me some credit for the good things I did, and not just for the bad I did because just because I'm a bad person doesn't mean everything else I do is bad.

Bad people can do good, and Good people can do bad things....

Goodnight for now


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