There is a video on YouTube, uploaded on July 7, 2007, that cannot be normally accessed. To access it, you must go to If you keep refreshing the screen, you will see all of the text become 777. Then, a channel will appear. It is called, "777". This person is a very nice person who is also a Catholic priest! He uploads many videos about the Bible and Jesus. One time, he even helped YouTube block Username:666 until he stopped being mean and giving people bad ideas. Some say, that if you subscribe to him, your subscription box will be filled with butterflies and rainbows. He is best friends with Jeff the Hugger, GOOD PATRICK, and Jesus Christ. He is a very good with kids, and will even babysit them for free! He is an upstanding citizen who will put a smile on everyone's face.

Fr. Pavlo Smiling


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